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Python is admittedly one of the best known programming languages period.

It’s popularity is so widespread, we barely remember that before 1991 Python was just a species known to humankind as a type of reptile. But now it is so much more than that and developed into a whole new and intricate meaning, since its creation forward.

It’s even ranked as the top programming language in the US and Worldwide according to

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Python 3 (3.9.2 — latest) is an all-around fully functional, fast, great programming tool to use for every complete beginner to expert Programmer alike. But I’ve often wondered, why hasn’t it taken off developing on mobile devices yet?

Python’s creator, Guido van Rossum shares his answer.

It would be nice if mobile apps could be written in Python.


There are actually a few people working on that but CPython has 30 years of history where it’s been built for an environment that is a workstation, a desktop or a server and it expects that kind of…

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It’s been often said that data science will be extinct around 10 years from now. Some articles online say 2025, 2029 at best.

I’ve often wondered though, is that really the case? How can that be when Data Science just took off? We all know that the amount of people pursuing Data Science roles has become extremely popular in recent years (within the last decade). So why does it seem like people are ready to stomp it out so quickly? …

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